Real Estate Investment Consultancy


With its growing economy, Turkey also makes great investments in real estate, offering unique comfort areas to its citizens. According to the latest law, foreign citizens can now easily buy a house in Turkey.

In addition to consultancy, we use our high-quality portfolio to offer options suitable for the demands of our clients who wish to own a property. With our projects in popular and attractive locations in Turkey, we enable our clients to own a house and help them live with peace of mind. We continue our services comfortably before, during, and after the sales based on the trust we have gained in the works we have completed so far.

What are the advantages of buying property in Turkey?

  • The Turkish economy is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.
  • Sales prices of properties in Turkey are more attractive and competitive compared to the European countries.
  • It has affordable residential areas.
  • It offers advantages with low property taxes.
  • It provides excellent returns on investment.
  • It creates unlimited opportunities with easy access to all cities.





With its high-quality portfolio, Black Pearl Consultancy offers living spaces suitable for the demands of clients, who wish to own a house in Dubai, refers them to the right investment considering their changing needs such as making an investment or residing. We provide high-standard services to our clients with the quality of the projects we offer, the selection of the location according to the expectations, and the right prices, and we also support these services by offering services before, during, and after the sales.

What are the advantages of buying property in Dubai?


  • Its geographically strategic location abridging the East and the West
  • A natural holiday paradise due to its climate
  • A luxurious lifestyle and high standards
  • Developed infrastructure and being a safe city
  • High real estate income and tax advantages
  • Residence permit advantages