About Us

Black Pearl Consultancy provides consultancy services for the sale of projects and products in the real estate and investment markets to individual and institutional investors and funds. Black Pearl Consultancy accelerates processes positively due to its knowledge of the working dynamics and cultures of both local and international markets thanks to its strong insight, which is the fruit of its corporate experience and close acquaintance with different nationalities. As a consequence of its client-oriented management approach that focuses on productivity, it introduces its clients to foreign markets through collaborations with reputable companies around the world.

Making successful foreign investments requires accurate analysis of the developing and changing world order. Thanks to its comprehensive portfolio and network, Black Pearl Consultancy enables you to reach your goal in a short time by constructing your foreign achievements on the right foundations. Using these collaborations, Black Pearl Consultancy brings together Turkish real estate companies with foreign real estate investors in all countries of the world, from America to Europe and Asia, and also offers its services in the Dubai market with its strong business network and experience.








We are working to make you happy.

The way we do business and our perspective on work make us as unique as the black pearl, the most valuable of all pearls.