Black Pearl Consultancy designs the most accurate marketing strategy in the domestic and international sales of real estate projects and provides consultancy on each stage based on its professional experience. The road to successful sales involves various dynamics. Success is achieved rapidly through strategic equipment and solid steps. Black Pearl Consultancy provides professional support in processes starting from your team to investors by determining the roadmap your company needs at every stage with a 360-degree functional approach. It accelerates your sales process with a positive perception by using the time correctly and innovatively. Based on its strong network and experience in the sector, it determines the right strategy with the Improvement Tactics formula to establish correct foundations concerning the strategies of the companies.


Black Pearl Consultancy provides professional consultancy services to both Turkish and foreign companies. The greatest benefit of these services is to bring investors together by providing the correct networking.

Many areas need to be addressed when determining the appropriate target audience and concept proposal for companies. At this stage, the business development phase is very important as it requires detailed information on architectural planning, pricing, and creating marketing channels for the needs of the target audience.


When determining the sales target, correct positioning of the marketing activities plays a very important role in the success of the project.

This phase draws the right roadmap for the sociocultural integration of the project features and the individuals in the target country to ensure effective and fast sales. Taking strong steps during all the milestones that make up the infrastructure within the process leading up to the final phase of the sales shortens the sales process, which is the final phase of sales


With its worldwide wide data and network, Black Pearl Consultancy enables your company to reach large audiences, and ensures the realization of sales by basing the connection between your company and the customer who will invest on reliable foundations on trustworthy foundations. It performs SWOT analysis and market research to ensure that you make beneficial collaborations while selecting both the investor and the correct agency to sell the project.


The most important point neglected by the companies is the human. The most important step of a successful operation is communication, rather than the technique. Black Pearl Consultancy makes needs analysis and improves your team with sales coaching to ensure that the sales team uses the right words during sales.