Turkish Citizenship Services

You can become a Turkish citizen by obtaining professional consultancy from Turkish specialists, and have a Turkish passport by investing in Turkish property. With the latest law enacted on 13.06.2022, foreign citizens now have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth 400 thousand dollars. We can keep track of the entire process for you through the consultancy services we provide at every stage from property investment to official transactions.

What are the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship?          

In 2018, the Turkish passport expanded the travel area of its citizens in visa-free international travel by providing visa-free entry to 72 countries, entry to 42 countries by obtaining a visa at the border, and entry to 7 countries by obtaining an online visa.

It has unique strategic importance between Asia and Europe, it is a bridge for meeting various civilizations and cultures, it is a very important trade route between East and West, and it is capable of responding to every need with its land, sea, and weather. It is a modern country with a developing industry, commercial and agricultural sector, exported products, and its distinguished regional and international reputation. Moreover, Turkish people are known for their hospitality in history. The friendly attitude towards individuals and having a nation that respects and loves every culture make this country unique besides its investment advantages.